• Career
  • Work & Life Balance
  • Leadership Development
  • Management
  • Communication
  • Breaking Through Barriers
  • Retirement Planning


  • MBA in Human Resources
  • BA in Labor Relations
  • Life & Business Coach
  • Energy Leadership Index Master Practitioner

I personally provide my clients with the space to develop the vision and action plan to become a ‘rockstar’ in their chosen profession. I work with people to raise awareness and become accountable for their own life, career and sense of purpose. I take the time to really connect with people. I facilitate the identification of limiting beliefs and assumptions so people can own their action plan for their ideal career. My passion is to coach people to find new possibilities and perspectives that enhance personal fulfillment and outstanding performance.

I have an exciting past in human resources, organizational development and coaching in the energy and automotive industries. I have done everything from labor relations, recruitment, talent development, reorganizations and HR Management, but my true passion is for coaching and employee development. I love to work with individuals and teams to unleash their potential and ability to produce stellar performance. My twenty year career in Human Resources has allowed me to wear many hats including that of coach, advisor, manager and change champion.

I have a BA in Labor Relations and an MBA in Human Resources. I have enjoyed a career in Canada and the Unites States, with ten years in the automotive industry and ten years in the energy industry. I have completed my iPec coaching certification and ELI – Energy Leadership Index Assessment Certification.

I passionately believe that everyone has the capacity to accomplish their goals. Each of us can make a difference and positively influence our own life, career and the organization for which we choose to invest our energy and creativity. 

Nothing is more rewarding than helping others to make this journey of life as fulfilling as they wish it to be. 

My recent work includes;

  • Organizational design and change management
  • Employee onboarding,  induction and engagement (500 annually)
  • Transition coaching for early career professionals.  (1500 per year)
  • High Potential Development
  •  Leadership Development from emerging leaders to executives
  • One-on-One coaching to work through individual struggles and barriers to high performance
  • Coaching people to gain self-awareness and perspective so they can decide what behaviors to develop as strengths and what to leave behind in their quest to reach their vision of success
  • Energy based coaching is used to raise awareness of one’s own inner blocks, bad habits and self- sabotaging behavior so people have the power to recreate their future
  • Coaching individuals in transition - college to corporate, upward mobility, leadership development, work life balance and retirement planning